ARBrony Radio Staff

If you would like to be on ARBrony Radio's staff, please fill out this short application and one of our administrators will get back to you. Thanks!



Hey there, I'm the owner and administrator of ARBrony Radio. I also try to get online and DJ every once in a while. In my spare time I like to play on my custom gaming computer. Lately I've been spending way too much time playing Fallout 4.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the station or website, you can send them to and I will respond as soon as possible. If you have any questions for me as a DJ, you can reach me at


I am a 19 year-old small-town DJ that learned his first use of pro audio around 5 years ago and since then I have been fine-tuning my craft.

I hope to soon become as well versed in internet radio as I am in normal audio. I love EDM, happy hardcore (Australian rave), some pop, and rock.


Skype: supersolo123

(Please contact Krillik for other methods of contact.)


Ratchet Miles:

Hey. I'm Ratchet. I helped re-create the website and its assets. I don't go to college or anything and I don't have any central focus of study. Just a goal to be a game designer. With that said, I study all kinds of things. I have dabbled in graphic design, web design, programming, music, 3D modeling, and so forth. I currently have a team under the name Keyboard Junkie. I work on our text-based game Mildwind on and off and plan to move to larger projects once Mildwind is complete. I want to create games that work on as many platforms while taking full advantage of the hardware. From an iPhone, up to a $2k gaming rig. I am also a bit of a tech enthusiast. I love building desktops and seeing them come to life and paying attention to the latest gadgets and parts. I have been a brony since 2011 and have loved the show because it's something positive to look to. It's what caused me to be who I am. I have kinda hopped in on this project just as an offer for the site, but I hope to see this station grow and improve over time, and will be here if needed.